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The research paper is often a capstone to an intensive academic course of study. Your completion of such a project, if so assigned to you, is an essential part of your grade in the class. The professor or teacher often has a background in such research and expects results from you that are commensurate with the quality of instruction and their feelings about the gravity of the subject in general. Throughout the semester the instructor will focus on the research process and offer sage advice to diligent students. Unfortunately, the noble efforts of your instructor will make completing your research paper in a timely manner only marginally less difficult.

Research is a very broad academic category. While it is usually associated with the hard and soft sciences, honestly one can conduct research in any academic field. Research writing is difficult to construct. Whatever the subject may be, an attempt to relate research into a cohesive and compelling paper can be quite a task. Ask any academic and you’ll get the same answer: research findings are often inconclusive. For scientific research papers, and particularly for the social sciences, you may need to employ several different statistical techniques to get anything resembling meaningful findings at all. Considering the fact that you’re taking more than one class, the involvement required in writing a research paper can discourage even the hardest working students.

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