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Our writers are not only here to complete custom term papers when you need them. They are also here to help you improve your writing skills! That’s why they offer free tips that you can rely on when writing your next term paper.

  1. First, Do Your Research

If you already have a topic for your term paper, that’s cool! If, however, you have a general theme that you have to narrow down to a specific title, you’ll have to do some brainstorming before you start with the research. Pick a topic you’re really interested in, so you’ll be very interested in doing the research and writing this paper.

When you have that part done, you’ll be ready for thorough research. This type of project requires you to go through several resources and choose the most relevant ones. Use Google Scholar to find sources that are authoritative enough to be referenced in your paper.

  1. Set the Thesis Statement

Once you’re done with the first stage of the research, you should reflect back on the topic. Do you have enough information to work with? Can you identify a single idea that’s strong enough to use as a thesis statement?

This statement should showcase the main idea or argument that you’re going to prove throughout the paper.

  1. Plan the Structure!

The term paper is way different than an essay, not only because it’s longer, but also because it has a different structure. In your outline, you should plan what you’ll write in these chapters:

  • Title page
  • Table of content
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Bibliography

As you can see, the term paper is almost like a PhD dissertation in its structure. That’s how complex it is! It practically prepares you for advanced stages of academic writing.

Keep in mind that your school might have different standards for term papers. Consult your professor regarding the structure before you settle for a specific outline.

  1. Write the Term Paper!

The introductory paragraph is really challenging since it should set the tone and direction of the term paper.

  • You may hook the reader with a quote or an intriguing question. A specific case study or even an anecdote will benefit the intro, too.
  • Define the main concepts that the topic is related to. If, for example, you’re exploring the effects of global warming, define what global warming is. Think of the reader as a complete beginner, who doesn’t know anything about this matter, and you’re actually writing a textbook for them.

When you’re done with the intro (which should also include your thesis statement), you’re ready to proceed with the body paragraphs. Try isolating different aspects of the matter in separate chapters. This is a long project, so you may have several sections in the body to tackle it in detail.

  1. Don’t Skip the Post-Writing Stages!

Without editing, you have just a draft that may have issues with the logical flow, grammar, spelling, and syntax. You can’t submit an incomplete term paper. Read it several times and fix all mistakes before you turn it in.


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