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About us: Authors, Costs and Payments Methods, Security and More

Working with A-writer means you have an essay writer service that can provide you with all of your writing needs. Our wide range of offers across several courses and fields across science, arts, humanities, technology, and so on helps us to stand out from the rest.


Our team of writers is carefully chosen to bear in mind their expertise in a field and their level of versatility to cover other areas excellently. So we have specialists in each field with the knowledge and experience to write your paper in a way that pleases your professors. However, they’re also versatile enough to perfectly handle papers outside their direct field. In addition, our writers are highly educated native speakers, having gotten either or both their master’s and doctorate degrees from some of the best universities in the world.

In addition to their level of education, they are also highly experienced. They’ve had years of experience in the tertiary learning environment and have experience writing essays, dissertations, theses, research papers, etc., as undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students. After years of working as a professional essay writer, these experiences have also been better refined and sharpened. Most of our writers have 5+ years of experience as professional writers writing across different levels of academic texts. So, they’ve written a large number of essays, and they’re willing to translate this experience into writing, helping you score high grades in your essays.

Cost of service and payment methods

At A-writer, our high-quality services are rendered at reasonable and affordable prices. In offering our clients the kind of service they deserve, we ensure they don’t feel burdened by the price they have to pay.

We offer three service levels to our clients, so they choose the level of quality they want based on their budget.

  • The standard quality has its own pecks which include a MA writer, free add-ons, and free plagiarism check. It’s the cheapest of all three.
  • The premium quality has pecks such as a MA/Ph.D. writer, free add-ons, free plagiarism check, high priority order, and advanced plagiarism check. It is more expensive than the standard quality.
  • The platinum quality has the following pecks: a MA/Ph.D. writer, free add-ons, plagiarism check, high priority order, advanced plagiarism check, a writer with 5+ experience writing in that field. It’s the most expensive level.

We accept different payment methods, including the use of VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover Network, American Express, and Wire Transfer.

Security of service

We offer our clients security on all levels when they work with us. For instance, our customers’ privacy is our top priority so we make sure to never reveal our customer identity. Also, you have the guarantee that we don’t resell papers. What’s written for you is for you and is original. Our payment methods are also secured by McAfee Secure and

Support service

Our customer support service ranks with some of the best support services in the world. We provide around-the-clock customer support service that is always ready and available to listen to you. So whether you want to make an inquiry, give feedback, make a complaint, send a message, whatever you want to do, you’re safe in the fact that we’re always listening.

Our customer service reps are always on hand to provide you with all the needed help. They also ensure that your time working with us is a smooth ride, so you have no regrets and are willing to come back.

As an essay writer service, we offer numerous guarantees to our clients. Our support service is one way to ensure that we keep to our promise.

Types of services and work performed.

As an essay writing service, we offer our services across the college, undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate levels of education. The goal is to ensure that students across all levels have access to a writing service that fulfills their writing needs and guarantees the best results at an affordable price.

Some of our services include:

  • Bachelor services
  • Master’s services
  • Doctorate level services
  • Term paper help
  • Dissertation writing
  • Research papers
  • Custom essay writing
  • Assignment help
  • Coursework help

We understand the difficulties of jumping from high school education to undergraduate level to master and doctorate level. However, each level is unique and has its peculiarities. Our writers are familiar with these peculiarities and can leverage them to provide the best paper help for you, irrespective of your level or field.

Seeing as it’s impossible to separate essay writing from a college education, it means you’ll have to go through the difficulties of writing essays at some point in your college education. In some cases, these assignments and essays may require writing skills beyond your natural level and will cause you to struggle.

However, you don’t have to suffer all of that with A-writer here to help you. You can trust us to fulfill all your writing desires, irrespective of your academic level or the type of writing you need.