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Are you about to start writing your doctoral dissertation? You might need the help of a professional PhD writing service at this point. There’s no need to despair. This is an extremely challenging project, and it’s a level of academic writing that you’ve never faced before. Sure, you’ve already written dozens of essays, research papers, critical thinking, and creative writing assignments, as well as an entire MA thesis. You’re already a skilled academic writer, but the pressure of the dissertation may still be too much to handle.

It doesn’t matter where you got stuck. Maybe you already have your PhD dissertation abstract and maybe you’re done with the research process. Maybe you completed a few chapters, or maybe you just need help with the editing. Whatever the case is, you can rely on our PhD dissertation writing service. We hired writers who not only hold PhD degrees in the niches they cover but also have impressive writing skills.

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The Ultimate Writing Guide From Profeaaional PhD Writing Service

Since this is an extremely important project, it’s certainly beneficial for you to try to write it. You already have the needed experience with different papers, so the least you could do is try to start this one. Needless to say, we’re always here to assist and we never judge. We never ask for your reasons why you need professional assistance with the doctoral dissertation!

Thanks to our PhD writing services, students can finally get support through all stages of the process. However, we’re also here to help you learn how to write, so we’ll offer a few tips to help you go through this process.

You’ve completed tons of papers before, so you know how it goes:

  • First, you prepare! You narrow down the topic, you develop the thesis, you do the research, and you complete an outline.
  • Then, you write the paper.
  • Finally, you edit.

All these standard stages are still valid when you’re thinking about the planning, writing, and PhD thesis review process. What’s different? The structure! This is a larger, more complex project that imposes a unique format.

PhD Writing Services' Tips: Handling the PhD Dissertation Proposal Format

You’re aware of the fact that this is not a simple PhD essay. The dissertation is not only longer, but more structured as well. Each chapter is in the format for a reason, and you should make every aspect of the content as perfect as possible.

The requirements of your university may be different, so you must check the instructions before you start writing the outline. In general, all universities require a thorough discussion on a research topic that brings value to the academic community. Just like with essays, your dissertation will have an intro, body, and conclusion. However, you’ll break up the body in various sections, and you’ll provide additional content before and after this general essay format.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student in the UK, India, USA, or any other country; you’ll definitely find these guidelines useful. You can simply adjust them to the specific requirements of your school.

  1. Title Page

Each university has specific formatting standards for the title page, so make sure to get this right. Pay attention to the font, design, and information that you’re instructed to include.

  1. Abstract (also known as Summary)

Although this chapter is positioned before the introduction in the printed dissertation, you won’t write it first. It should encompass the main points of your research and briefly expose the results. Naturally, you’ll write it last.

  1. Other Preliminary Pages

Some of these pages are optional, and they are also positioned before the actual content of your dissertation:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Contents
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Definitions
  1. Introduction

Now, the actual dissertation begins. This is the section that drives most PhD students towards professional writing help. Although they have an idea what their paper will be about, they find it difficult to grasp the research problem, lay out the reasoning, and justify the research in a single chapter.

The introductory paragraph should cover a few aspects:

  • Description of the main areas of concern;
  • A theoretical basis for the study;
  • Critical analysis of the most relevant literature;
  • Stating the problem;
  • Research questions and hypotheses.
  1. Literature Review

Since PhD candidates submit research proposals before they start working on the dissertation, they already have a basic conception of the literature they are going to cite. Still, the final dissertation requires you to provide more details. First of all, you’ll have to include some historical background of the research to put things into perspective and discuss the theory that’s relevant to your hypotheses. Finally, you’ll discuss the current empirical literature.

  1. Methods

In this chapter, you will explain what research methodology you use to get to the results. You’ll refer to the participants in your research, the measures, research design, procedures, and data analysis process.

  1. Results

This is one of the most challenging chapters to write, since you’re analyzing your own research and exposing its unique value.

  1. Discussion

In the results section, you’re just listing the results. In the discussion, you will interpret them. When you’re developing the outline for your dissertation, make sure to include separate sub-chapters under this section:

  • Summary
  • Conclusions
  • Limitations
  • Recommendations for Future Research
  1. References

You have to include this section in your plan since a dissertation is not complete without it. You will format the sources in accordance with the citation style you’re following. It may be MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other.

  1. Appendices

If any appendix material is needed for your dissertation, include it after the references.

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