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We look forward to creating a long term relationship with our clients, and we like to ensure that developing a relationship with our writers is easy and rewarding, in more than one way. We offer a handful of discounts for return customers, or clients who need assistance with larger projects. Thank you for working with and please take advantage of our services again.

Our most accessible offer is available for those who order documents exceeding 15 pages. With this discount you are given a lifetime 5 percent reduction on the price of any order you place. You can enjoy the stress-free guidance and help of our A-writers for less, and for the rest of your life. 

You can enter the next level of discount when you order help on 51 pages or more. At this stage you receive a 10 percent discount on all work and services in your order. This is perfect for dissertations, theses, or can be attained through several orders adding up to more than 51 pages. 

The final and most elite discount we offer is with orders of 101 pages or more. Similar to above, this can be gotten from especially long projects, or from more than one project adding up to at least 101 pages. At this level of work, we will offer you a lifetime 15 percent discount on all projects you order with

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