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Case studies and statistical analysis

One of the most enlightening, informative kinds of major projects for high school or college students is the case study. Case studies are kind of an inter-genre mélange of interviews, research, writing, and statistical analysis. Diaries, observation, primary and secondary sources, and questionnaires are fair game for use in your case study. Whatever topic you choose to explore in your case study, whether it is exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory research, you need to do a thorough examination and analysis of any and all data and other input that you collect.

The structure of a well written case study goes something like this: You need to introduce the topic, give the background info, thoroughly explain your methods, report your results and summarize them, evaluate, conclude, and make recommendations. Once you’ve wrapped it all up, you’re good to go. Often a speech and some type of visual aid is presented with your case study. As stated above, the work can be very informative and intellectually enjoyable. It can also present some real issues to the public and may go a long way toward solving some type of social problem.

Unfortunately, case studies are also some of the most difficult types of academic work for a student to complete. The myriad methods, sources, and techniques involved can often leave a student with a substandard product if he or she is not skilled or experienced in the field. One common problem for students attempting case studies is a lack of ability to interpret their own research into statistics, and then to interpret these stats into some type of compelling, meaningful literature. It is complicated even for more those with extensive experience in writing case studies.


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