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7 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search [Infographic]

Social media plays an integral role in the job search nowadays. According to latest surveys, more than 90 percent of companies use networks like LinkedIn to search for potential candidates. Moreover, for many of them, the content on a candidate’s page plays a deciding role in determining whether that candidate should be hired.

For example, if a profile contains evidence of the candidate making discriminatory comments or badmouthing previous employers, it’ll make a negative impression on the employer. Naturally, that candidate will not be considered for a job; what’s more, the company can even put the profile on some sort of blacklist to ensure that HR managers don’t waste their time once again.

Clearly, social media can backfire when used the wrong way, and even hurt your online reputation and image. So having a profile on a professional social media network is not enough to ensure that it works for your benefit. For example, recruiters want to see updated, accurate, and appropriate information on your experience and skills, so they will go on if they don’t find it.

That’s why having a clear understanding of how to use networks like Twitter and LinkedIn to aid your job search is essential to enjoying all benefits of social media for your professional career. The understanding how to manage social media accounts allows to take control of your brand, improve reputation, build a wide personal network, and, ultimately, get hired.

To know what you have to do, take a look at the infographic below. It was created as a part of an effort to educate job seekers on best practices for improving their professional marketability and unlocking the benefits of social media for job search.

The infographic offers seven ways in which you can use social media to enhance your job search and avoid hurting your reputation by an inappropriate content. Also, it features statistics that show the importance of social media to employers, recruiters, and HR managers.

In other words, you’ll find everything you need to know before creating your online CV on LinkedIn and starting to connect with recruiters and CEOs in your niche/industry. Depending on how frequently you use social media, the infographic covers everything from common best job hunting practices and branding to privacy settings.

Read on to learn how to develop an effective social media strategy as a job hunter!